Welcome to Red Clover Farm!

Our farm has been operating since 2005 on reclaimed land in the heart of one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods. We are an urban farm that seeks partnership in economic development. Through our ties and relationships to others in the neighbourhood we seek to help you be better connected to your food sources, and better connected to others in your city.

There are a variety of ways that the food in our farm is shared. We offer the exchange of labour for food, work apprenticeships in urban farming, and CSA shares for purchase. No matter your class, economic status, ethnicity or farming abilities Red Clover is a partnership in the renewal of land and a new community being fashioned around a shared table.

Come Visit

We are at the farm at regular times every week:

  • Wednesdays 4pm-7pm
  • Thursdays 2-5pm

Or contact us if you want to set up a time. Come on by to say "hi", or roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. There's lots to do!

The Farm

Our urban farm has been running since 2005 using organic and sustainable farming practices without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The farm is located in the heart of the Downtown Eastside in two lots located near Hastings & Jackson.

Originally launched by Jacob’s Well, Red Clover Farm has from the start provided fresh, local fruits and vegetables to low-income individuals and families in the neighbourhood who otherwise have not had access to fresh produce. Since its inception the vision of Red Clover has been to renew dormant land, and to sustain a community brought together around growing and sharing food.

In 2010 stewardship of the farm was passed on to God’s House of Many Faces, a church in the neighbourhood committed to a Christian Community Development model of being church with our neighbours. We have launched various initiatives attempting to make manifest the vision of a radically inclusive shared table while also providing meaningful work and economic development opportunities.

The Farmers

Red Clover is worked by a wide variety of famers: neighbourhood kids and Chinese elders, Cree musicians and Ukranian potato farmers. All are welcome to sit in the shade and enjoy the company or dig in the dirt. The Farm is overseen by a neighbourhood pastor who grew up on a farm in Northern Vermont and thought she would end up farming in Poland.



Since its inception Red Clover Urban Farm has valued the renewal of land, a radically inclusive shared table, and the importance of meaningful work. Out of a desire to build on those values we have explored various ideas and models that will enable us to build toward our hopes for the future. 

  • What kind of income could be generated from this land while holding our core values?  With that income, how many jobs could we provide for those with barriers to employment? 
  • How can we work with other farms to create a plan for helping people with barriers to employment be able to succeed by providing various “on ramps” for employability?  How would a 3 step process used in other places work here where someone moves from a set number of volunteer hours, to casual part time employment to full time employment with another farm in the area? 
  • How can a “pay-what-you-can” system work to ensure access to fresh local farm products regardless of income?

FUTURE: Our hope is that in the coming years we will see the following:

  • 1 Master gardener employed full-time at Red Clover
  • 3 People completing a 40 hour volunteer apprenticeship program
  • 2 part-time paid employees
  • 1 bicycle delivery business started
  • 2 Red Clover grads working in other farms

CSA Share

The CSA model allows you to connect with and support our local farm by buying “shares” in our forecasted harvest. Through this, you become better connected to where your food comes from, and receive a weekly portion of our fresh herbs & vegetables.

You share in the benefits as well as potential risk that is part of any agricultural venture. We hope to have our first shares ready sometime in May (stay tuned!). From then shares will be available weekly for about 30 weeks (until the end of November). We are different from other CSA farms in that we run on a pay-what-you can model. The value of each share is $510 for the season ($17/week). We welcome those who are able to consider ‘sponsoring’ a family in our neighbourhood by purchasing a share (or partial share) on their behalf. We also invite those who are able to pay upfront as spring is the most costly time of year for farmers.

We offer a single share size of 7 pounds, that could be easily eaten by a family of five, or shared by four adults. What you will find in your Garden Box will vary by week according to season, but each box might contain something like this: (greens / beans / a root vegetable, carrots, beets, potatoes / broccoli or kale / cucumbers or radishes / onions, leeks or garlic / tomatoes or peppers / squash–summer or winter)

We will make shares available every Wednesday evening from 4pm-7pm at the farm (contact us for directions). The Japanese word for CSA it’s translated “food with the farmer’s face on it”; we believe your weekly visits to the farm will strengthen the connection between you and your food source.

We invite you to bring your own reusable shopping bag(s) to bring home your produce. Feel free to join us earlier in the morning to help make up the shares!

We know that you may not be able to make it to every share pick-up during our harvest season. We encourage you to donate your portion of the harvest for that week to another member. Alternatively, you may notify us at the beginning of the season of weeks you will be away and we will not charge you for those weeks. Please be aware that we will not issue a refund if you miss your share pickup. Instead your portion of the week’s harvest will find it’s way to a kitchen in our neighbourhood.